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George Douglas
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George & Shirley Douglas

4 star Regency Platinum DJ 

George has had a dual career in the Aviation and the Lubrication Industry. His background comes from over 50 plus years in the Aircraft maintenance business. First serving in the USAF as a Jet Engine mechanic where he was awarded the Vietnam Service and Southeast Asia Ribbons. During his airline career he received training from numerous Mechanical & Avionic Technical courses and classes, as well as management courses. He took an early retirement as a line maintenance Manager from Delta Airlines in 2001 with 30 years of service to work his AMSOIL Dealership full time.

George’s AMSOIL career started in 1981 as a part time Dealer while still working for Delta. He received training from several lubrication and Filtration courses and seminars over the years. He stays current through industry publications, newsletters, and magazines. George and his wife Shirley, served on AMSOIL’s Leadership Council, and are one of AMSOIL’S top 10 producing dealerships. In 2018 they were honored to be inducted into AMSOIL’s Dealer Hall of Fame.

George has been a guest on Automotive and Marine talk Radio Shows across the country, from Idaho Falls ID, New Orleans LA, Detroit MI, Auto World, which broadcast throughout the US and Canada, and several Radio shows in Central Florida.    

George is a Licensed FAA A&P Mechanic and Private Pilot. He has been a long time EAA and AOPA member and is currently serving as President of EAA Chapter 17 in Knoxville TN. George flies his Experimental Vans RV9A Aircraft off his grass airstrip at Wolf Creek (2TN7) near Knoxville Tennessee, sometimes making deliveries.

George offers custom lubrication solutions for personal vehicles, Agriculture, to commercial truck fleets. He has the expertise and experience, to help you save time and money using AMSOIL products and if he does not have the solution, he has the backup of technical resources to help you. Contact us for more information on AMSOIL products and or any questions about your vehicle maintenance needs. You can also order online.

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